NAC 2015


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We are happy to announce that our 2015 Olson 30 North American Championships will be held at Sodus Bay Yacht Club at LYRA 2015. LYRA stands for the Lake Yacht Racing Association and this regatta has a long and vibrant history on Lake Ontario. We are delighted to have our event under the LYRA umbrella.

Sodus Bay Yacht Club has it’s own storied history and the location itself is beautiful. All members are encouraged to visit the SBYC website to learn more. There are some links to accommodations on the LYRA page. The vicinity of the SBYC is a picturesque village on the shore of Lake Ontario and there are lots of good options for places to stay. It’s a big event so plan your accommodations well in advance.

LYRA 2015 / Olson 30 North American Championships Online Registration

LYRA 2015 Notice of Race

LYRA 2015 Sailing Instructions (link to come)

We will be racing with the R-class yachts and the 8 metres, so bring your cameras for some spectacular views on the water. The R-boats are beautiful and performance-wise are a suitable match for our Olson 30’s.