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    I want to put an automatic pump in the bilge…have my eye on this one.

    Anyone have anything to add?


    Jason Saunderson

    I have one of these: stuffed in the bilge in front of the big keel bolt with a hose that runs out of the companionway when we are not on the boat. It is hooked up to a rule: Auto, Off, On Switch with a fuse directly to the battery. Auto runs every minute or so when not full. Great solution. Not much room for anything else.


    Andrew Evans

    Jason, did you somehow attach the bilge pump to the bilge, or did you just place it in the bilge without screws?



    Jason Saunderson

    I just jammed it in forward of the keel bolt under the mast step and it fits perfectly. I had top move the hose from the manual pump to the side, but that still works too if the water is deep enough… I ran the exit hose through the holes in the stringers under the floor boards and out the companionway. I cut a small notch in the wooden companion way board I use at dock for the hose to run out when I am gone.

    As the rain water runs down the mast anyway, I run the dehumidifier hose into the bilge through the finger hole in the inspection board for the keel bolt when I am away from the boat. Come back and the boat is dry as a bone with only a little bit of water that the rule bilge pump can’t empty left in the bilge.


    Chris Voigt

    Dari, did you get that Whale pump to fit under your floorboard? I too have a temporary winter pump rigged up, but I’d really like peace of mind of a more permanent pump and an overall lower bilge level. I live pretty far from her and don’t get out there much off-season.

    Yea, I know, she shouldn’t leak so much… I’m working on that too.

    Has anyone reset their toe rails? I seem to have a little seepage coming in from there too. Not sure it is worth pulling the toe rails off an redoing them (when it comes to leaks, I’m sure it’s worth it, but I’d rather be sailing!). My deck was reconfigured, and my toe rails are cut into three sections so it won’t be too hard I suppose.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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