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    We have been slowly getting Hull #73, “Moonshine” up to speed. I have noticed that some/many boats are mounting cam cleats inboard of the cabin top winches on the companionway teak strips. Are most using the standard Harken 150’s, or equivalant? Any wedges or risers being used?

    It also seems like some/many boats have the topping lift rigged near the base of the mast. What Is everyone using? Swivel cam cleat? If a swivel, is there a prefered location?

    Is everyone leading their jib sheets for the #3 directly to the cabin top winches? Or are you using some sort of fairlead?

    If anyone has any pics, that would be very helpful.
    Thank you all for your help in advance.

    Bruce Hubble
    Bruce Hubble

    I moved the primaries to the cabin top and put the secondaries in a box in the garage. The topping lift is lead to a dual clutch with the jib halyard in the other side.

    Jib sheets directly to the primary winches.

    I like Schaefer sure grip cam cleats…they hold (metal teeth)


    Old School

    You do need risers for the camcleats on the teak. I prefer the Harkens because I found the Schaffers to cut the line covers pretty quickly.

    On Old School, the topper was led to a cam cleat on the mast about a foot off deck, which then had a simple cheap block attached to a horn cleat lower on the mast. The horn was a back-up for the spin halyard cleat. The block led the line from anywhere on the rail to the cam cleat, much like a swivel cam would, but without the bulk. In this pic the red with white tracer is the topper.


    Jim Saylor

    on Fast company we replaced cabin top winches w/ Harken 40.2’s have cam cleats on teak hatch slides. #3 jib from lead blocks straight to winches. Topping lift to small block on deck and back up about 6″ to a upside down Harken swivel cam. Pull strait up to raise pole, Step on line to release.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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