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    Jonathan Nye

    Currently have an engine mount that slides into the Garelick plate on the transom. The mount is non-lifting and angled so that the actual mounting surface is vertical.

    How important is this?

    I’d thinking of adding an adjustable mount (http://www.garelick.com/Aluminum-Auxiliary-Motor-Bracket-For-2-Stroke-Motors). I could put wedges under the plate like Trailer Trash or use the bracket with the existing plate which would mean the engine, when deployed, would be something like 22 degrees cocked (like Surfer Girl and Passages).



    Jean Andre

    Hi Jonathan,
    I have the mount like Surfer Girl’s picture. I never tilt it up and I am actually looking for a fixed mount for my boat. If you send me a picture of yours and it works for us both we can make a trade. Let me know if you are interested.



    I bought the one from garelick and have to chop it up ( cut the top arms shorter) to make it fit perfectly. Now it works great and I need every inch of it to get the engine out. I have a short shaft on purpose, so it has to go way down.
    The reason fort all this pain in the ass is when you go down wind with following seas, the wake catches on the engine if it’s not foot out of the water.
    I don’t take the engine off for sailing, so it’s important for me not to drag the damn thing behind the boat.

    If you get one I can send you the dimensions to cut it down if you want.



    Jonathan Nye

    Thanks for the feedback. For better or worse, I already have the adjustable bracket. I was assuming to be effective, I’d have to put wedges so that the shaft is upright when deployed. Then I saw some pics and got to wondering if I could get away with not having wedges and having the shaft at an angle with prop pointed slightly upward.



    Mine didn’t work that way. I opt out of wedges and recut the bracket. Same results. I just really didn’t want to unscrew the plate.


    Old School

    Old School was supplied with the stock Garelick mount and a short shaft motor. When in the down position, the prop made quite a nice rooster tail, but very little thrust. I took it to a shop and had new angle plates made to compensate for the transom angle. The plates we changed were the ones that the motor plate attach to. Took about an hour to source the right material and 10 minutes to make the plates. It made for a very clean modification.

    Boats with the wedges behind the transom plate do not look clean to me, and I question if there could be some point-loading issues. BUT, and this is a big BUTT, they do make for excellent steps for reboarding!

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