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    Shad Lemke

    Hello all,

    I recently bought hull #101 and I am prepping it for this coming season. There are a few issues with the fiberglass and I am trying to decide what to do about it. I plan on doing a full refit after this summer like piotr did (great job by the way!), so if I can put off any major work until then that would be preferable. The issues are:

    1- At the transom it looks like there is some slight delamination, is there a way to patch this for the season until I can grind it out? Or can I ignore it? Or does it need to be addressed immediately? See Pictures

    2- The cockpit seat is a bit spongy on the port side forward of the traveler. Is there need for concern for people stepping through it? If I inject it how will this affect my work this winter on re-coring it?

    Thanks for the advice!



    Jean Andre

    Hi Shad,
    IMO, for the transom, I would either do the proper repair at once or if you are really going for a complete overhaul at the end of this season I would just duck tape it so no more water or moisture gets in to damage it further.

    Many heads, many solutions!



    Jim Saylor

    shad, I would make sure it is dry, treat with west system epoxy, then fill with westSys.& microspheres. A quick sand and rattle can spray.


    Bill Vosteen

    I agree with Jim. West Systems has a little booklet that can help you. See Chapter 5 in:

    Basically you drill some small holes to inspect the balsa core, if dry, drill holes every inch or two over the delaminated area, squirt epoxy in the holes, clamp till the epoxy is cured, then fill and fair the holes. It also describes a full repair you need to removed the skin and recore the area. Hopefully your balsa core is dry, if so, its pretty easy. If the core is just damp and there isn’t any rot, then you need to dry the core before repairing. If the core is rotted, then there’s a more serious repair, not impossible but laying up fiberglass is an art and it will be a bit more challenging to lay it up nicely.

    My feeling is that you can use it for the season without any problems, you aren’t going to damage anything and unless the transom has large areas delaminated, especially near the backstay chainplates. The area near the waterline can be cleaned out and filled with epoxy for the season without doing any damage. Leaving this open will allow more water intrusion. Duct tape is OK but really not good enough to prevent more water infiltration. If you know someone with a moisture meter you could see how far the water infiltration has proceded. Good luck, let us know if you have any other questions.



    Amen to all that is said above…
    I would add that the transom crack is probably the big problem, don’t get any more water in there.
    Use some un-thickened epoxy to fill the glass and then add q-cell or aerocell to it and fill/ sand etc.
    You can ger some inexpensive fillers at fiberglass hawaii, same stuff west system sales, but much cheaper.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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