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    Dale Swift

    Has anyone tried to use this method of stepping your mast? See the link for a Gin Pole lift for a J27. I also understand the Melges 32 uses a Gen Pole.

    Thoughts, concerns, issues….



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    John Churchill

    Been thinking of doing the same myself when the time comes. Here’s a write-up specific to the O30



    Hi Guys,

    I emailed Dale earlier, but I wanted to let you guys know that we do this too, and we use a Flying Scot mast…



    Jonathan Nye

    Revisiting this topic… The posted pasted below suggests that the gin pole be placed off center aft of the mast with guy lines rigged well aft and to the bow. On the Etchells, the gin pole is place on a keel bolt aft of the mast and angled forward with a “backstay” and two “shrouds”. The shrouds go to the chainplates so are in line with the mast. Seems like the former puts the gin pole headstay in the way of lifting the mast which is why the gin pole base has to be off center. Why not go with the Etchells configuration which means that once the spreaders clear the gin pole shrouds on the way up, the mast can be lifted vertical and dropped into place without angling around a forward shroud? The only disadvantage I can see is that the Etchells approach relies on the gin pole being tipped forward which means its shrouds can be at the chainplate since there’s nothing to cause it to fall backward. This then requires a section that has sufficient fore and aft stiffness. In this arrangement, with the mast down, the track is up and the tip of the mast comes down over the bow.

    Alternatively, the whole arrangement could be switched with the gin pole base just aft of the hatch, a guy running to the stem and two shrouds. In this case the mast would be stored aft side down with the tip over the transom.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the best approach? Go with as described below or something else?

    Thanks, Jonathan

    On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 6:46 PM, wrote:sdfa
    We have done it for years without an external crane, we use a 23′ section of a broken mast from a smaller boat as a gin pole. We step the pole on the deck with one stay to the bow and two aft to the rail near the aft stanchion. We tension these with the winches. A line through a block on top of the gin pole runs down to the deck turning blocks and back to a cabin top winch, this is the hoisting line which ties just below the lower spreader. The height of the pole is just enough to raise the mast straight and allow it to be lowered down into the cabin.

    A couple of hints:
    – The pole must be stiff so that it does not bend in compression, yet light enough to stand up by hand.
    – The guy lines must not stretch, ours are cable(the old rigging) with short lengths of line on the ends for tensioning.
    – Cut a 2×4 to wedge under the deck as a compression post so that while hoisting the deck does not compress allowing the lines to get loose.
    – The mast should be tip forward and face down.
    – The pole should be behind the mast just a bit and to one side just enough for the mast to swing up and forward.
    – The base of the pole should sit on a plywood base and be firmly lashed in place to prevent kicking out.
    – This can be done by two people, one just turns a winch.
    – If this goes wrong it is catostrophic for the rig and your �ego.
    – This technique is used by J24 guys I think.

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