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    Shad Lemke

    What are people using for their halyard turning blocks? I like the spinlock T38 Deck Organizer, just trying to find a suitable system. Thanks


    Our boat has a complete hodge-podge. Some of the original schaefer which I think were the doubles. One Harken double. Last year we re-jigged the turning blocks and installed two new Harken 1988 blocks which are super nice and also spendy. We used the 1988’s on the two most critical halyards, main and #1 genoa. Our boat still has most (but not all) lines led aft and will probably always have this since we use it offshore as much or more as for buoy racing.


    Jonathan Nye

    I also use Harken 1988 mast base blocks but only for the centerline and starboard wing halyards. Main halyard leads below deck and is cleated off there; the port wing (primary spinnaker halyard) is jointly cleated on the mast and a Harken 57mm block w/ cam cleat.

    To redirect the two halyards aft, I use Colligo static line guides. No need to use a block or Schaefer/Spinlock style line guide. Starboard wing exits the mast to port and goes to a clutch to the left of the companionway; centerline exits to starboard and goes to a clutch to the right of the companionway. Both clutches are backed up with cam cleats mounted on the aft face of the cabin.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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