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    Jonathan Nye

    Couple of questions…

    Has anyone led their main halyard below deck? If so, how do you cleat it off in such a way that you can still get the mast in and out of the boat? Double cams? And how do you get sufficient luff tension when reefing?

    I appreciate the virtues of simplicity and an uncluttered deck layout. Would like to remove the cockpit winches as many have suggested. In the boats I’ve sailed though, we’re pretty aggressive about moving the jib halyard tension around. This seems difficult to manage if the cabin top winch are being used for sheets. Anyone have a work around? Or is it just that the halyard doesn’t get adjusted much?



    Old School

    I led mine under deck, terminated to a horn cleat. I tapped into the mast for the cleats’ mounting bolts, so it is easily removable for stepping the mast. As an aside, I did also switch to a 2:1 halyard.

    Reef? What is a reef?

    You can see in the attached picture that I have gone for the minimum deck hardware possible. Since this picture was taken, I have mounted a 16 winch (the original cabintop winch) just behind the spinlocks, exactly for the reason you mention above.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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