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    Old School

    In this thread, I will post any correspondence I receive from the Regatta Chair. Feel free to discuss.


    Located at the International Marina in the Port of Oswego, the Oswego Yacht Club (OYC) was founded in 1881 by a prominent local businessman and banker, John T. Mott. It is one of the oldest yacht clubs on Lake Ontario celebrating its 125th anniversary the summer of 2006. In 1884 Oswego Yacht Club, under the leadership of John T. Mott, became one of the four founding clubs of the Lake Yacht Racing Association (LYRA). This is the first time since 1928 that OYC has hosted a LYRA Regatta and the Club is looking forward to an exciting week of racing.

    Conveniently located just inside the harbor entrance on a pier west of the mouth of the Oswego River, OYC offers deep water docking (over 10’). During the LYRA regatta, boats will be either rafted at the club dock or the permanent dock at the north end of the marina. Skippers desiring a slip for the regatta should contact Jeanne Cooper at or phone 315-342-8186.

    Amenities at the International Marina and Wrights Landing (next door) include restrooms, showers and pump out facilities. A gas dock and video phone for checking into US Customs is located at the Oswego Marina just up the river on the east side. Plenty of parking will be available just outside the marina entrance and space for trailers is located a short distance away. When not sailing, participants can walk to downtown Oswego, only four blocks away.

    For more information about the regatta and OYC go to or contact Organizing Committee Chair John Gary at
    Future articles will focus on both on and off the water activities. Hope to see you in Oswego this summer.


    Old School

    As of March 1st the NOR is complete and will be posted before April 1, 2012 on with links on and . Some of the salient features include:

    FREE FOOD! That’s right, free food. Thanks to sponsors Ron and Dianne Palm, if your registration is received by July 23rd, Friday night’s dinner is free for the skipper and the entire crew who are participating in the course racing. (Make sure you include the number in the space on the registration form).

    The registration form will be available before April 1, 2012 on Registration fees have been reduced by $15 for all course racing.

    I have confirmed that the OYC hoist will handle the Olson 30’s. They are planning on setting up a temporary gin pole system for masts. They host a number of J24 regattas, and have ground logistics figured out.

    Feeder Races:
    The Founder’s Cup (sponsored by The Fitzgibbons Insurance Agency) will start at Henderson Harbor YC July 31st. Contact Caanan Leonard at 315-767-2122 to make docking arrangements.

    The Centennial Cup (sponsored by SUNY Oswego) will start at the Rochester YC July 31st. Call 585-342-5511 to make docking arrangements.

    Long Distance Race:
    The Freeman Cup (sponsored by The Steele Law Firm) will start at the Oswego Yacht Club August 1st. Contact Jim Enwright at 315-236-3270 to make docking arrangements.

    There will be three days of course racing for all one design and PHRF boats except the IRC fleet which is planning on two days. Three race courses are planned.


    Old School

    Schedule of Events:

    Monday, July 30
    Centennial Cup Check-in/Registration: 1730-1930. Competitors Meeting: 1930 Rochester YC Burgee Bar
    Founder’s Cup Check-in/Registration: 1730-1930. Competitors Meeting: 1930 Henderson Harbor YC

    Tuesday, July 31
    Centennial Cup Race – Rochester YC to Oswego YC – First Warning 0900 —-Sponsored by SUNY Oswego
    Founder’s Cup Race – Henderson Harbor YC to Oswego YC – First Warning 0900 —-Sponsored by FitzGibbons Insurance Agency
    Freeman Cup Check-in/Registration: 1400-1700 – OYC Regatta Office
    Grill Open – 1700 – 2200
    Sailor’s Reception: 1700 – OYC Main Tent
    Live Music: 1900-2200 – Andy & Monique

    Wednesday, August 1
    Continental Breakfast: 0700-0900 Main Tent
    Grill Open: 1200 – 1930
    Freeman Cup Check-in/Registration: 1400-1500 OYC Regatta Office.
    Competitors Meeting: 1500 Main Tent.
    Freeman Cup Race – First Warning 1700 —- Sponsored by The Steele Law Firm

    Thursday, August 2
    Continental Breakfast: 0800-1000 Main Tent
    Grill Open: 1200 – 1500
    Opening Ceremonies: 1700 Main Tent
    Three Day Course Racing Check-in/Registration: 1600-2000 OYC Regatta Office.
    Competitors Meeting: 1730 Main Tent
    NIGHT ON THE TOWN – Participants are encouraged to visit Oswego’s restaurants and bars for dinner, stroll through the Farmer’s Market and explore the shops along First St.

    Friday, August 3
    Full Breakfast: 0700-0900 – Main Tent
    Three Day Course Racing Late Check-in/Registration: 0800-0830 OYC Regatta Office
    First Race Warning Signal 1000
    Two Day Course Racing Check-in/Registration: 1600-2000 OYC Regatta Office
    Competitors Meeting: 1730 – Main Tent
    Dinner: 1800 – GIBBY’S BBQ, ribs and chicken. Main Tent —-Sponsored by Ron & Diane Palm
    Awards: 1900 – Founder’s, Centennial, and Freeman Cups, and for the day’s buoy races. Main Tent
    Live Entertainment: 1930-2200 – The Billionaire’s. Main Tent

    Saturday, August 4
    Full Breakfast: 0700-0900 Main Tent
    Course Racing First Warning Signal 1000
    Caribbean Dinner 1800
    Rum Tasting 1700-1800 —- Sponsored by Mount Gay Rum
    Live Entertainment: 1630-1930 Tropical Beat Steel Band
    1900 Day Awards
    DJ Ron – 1930-2200

    Sunday, August 5
    Continental Breakfast: 0700-0900 Main Tent
    Course Racing First Warning Signal 1000
    Grill Open: 1300 – 1800
    Course Racing and Overall Awards Presentation – TBA


    Peter Scott

    I’m just looking through the LYRA Notice of Race (just registered today). Item 3.3 under Eligibility and Entry states the need to submit a One-Design class measurement certificate at some point. We’ve never raced Ghost in a one design event before – will there be something setup by the class prior to the event for inspection/measurement for compliance to the class rules?


    Old School

    Yes, we will take care of the OD stuff. Last year’s inspection form is at

    So long as you conform to this, you should be ready to go.


    Old School

    Derek Lay


    The NOR requires compliance with ISAF Category 3 Special regs. I’ve only had a quick look, but am starting to be concerned with the level of mods required to comply with them. How much should we read into things like:

    3.20 Cooking Facilities
    3.20.1 A cooking stove, permanently installed or securely fastened with safe accessible
    fuel shutoff control and capable of being safely operated in a seaway.

    3.21 Drinking Water Tanks & Drinking Water
    3.21.1 Drinking Water Tanks
    a) A yacht shall have a permanently installed delivery pump and water tank(s)

    3.23.2 Bilge pumps shall not be connected to cockpit drains.

    3.24.1 The following shall be provided:-
    a) a marine magnetic compass, independent of any power supply, permanently
    installed and correctly adjusted with deviation card, and
    b) a magnetic compass independent of any power supply, capable of being used as
    a steering compass which may be hand-held


    Old School

    I am looking into it.

    Note that the NOR specifically exempts 3.20 and 3.23.2. From what I understand, you are supposed to comply with 3.24.1 by law anyways….. As far as 3.21 goes, it does not indicate that you need to have everything plumbed together….have a water jug somewhere and a marine pump attached somewhere.

    Any boat that races in the 300 will also have to be Cat3. The 300’s requirements have fewer exemptions than LYRA has.


    Al Holt

    I know the information I seek must be there somewhere, but I can’t find it. Exactly which races comprise the Olson 30 North Americans? I’m making tentative plans to attend and I need to know when to arrive and when we will depart.
    Al Holt


    Old School

    The Freeman will serve as our LD race. It is overnight on August 1. Then the three days of course racing Aug 3-5. These days will serve as the NA’s.

    IF YOU WANT TO COMPETE FOR THE LYRA OVERALL TROPHY, you need to race in one of the feeder races that occur on July 31. Theses races begin at Henderson Harbour, NY and Rochester, NY. These races are not part of the NA’s. Rochester has a good hoist to launch from. Henderson has a travel lift, perhaps a crane. Old School will most likely be partipating in the Rochester race.

    Over the next couple of days I will update the NA’s page with this year’s info.


    Old School

    FYI, I am in discussions with LYRA organizers about their CAT3 requirements for the Freeman. I am looking for an exemption for our class, with the alternative being running a separate OD LD race on Aug 2.

    They have promised me an answer next week.


    Old School

    I understand that some boats are concerned about the Freeman Cup serving as the LD race. I have created a poll for interested parties to complete.

    Please go to to express your opinion in the poll, and feel free to discuss it here in this forum topic. For the poll, PLEASE only vote once per boat.


    Old School

    I should note that one issue with creating our own race is that there are precious few gov’t nav marks in the Oswego area that we can use to create a course. Unless you would rather do five laps of Oswego – Ford Shoals and back.


    Old School

    Okay folks…I have some good news. LYRA is willing to grant us an exemption for the Cat 3 requirements. So long as your boat conforms to the O30 minimum requirements plus nav lights, it will be permitted to race the Freeman.

    Thus far, I have four voters in the poll. Two prefer the Freeman, two prefer a different race, for one it is a deal breaker, and for the other three they just want to race. Let’s get some discussion going on this.


    Peter Scott

    We’re used to doing night races in our local racing, but the idea of doing one as part of a one design class for the NAs has the guys on my boat excited. I’d say it’s part of the overall draw to come up for the NAs and we’re looking forward to it as part of the adventure. That said – we’re happy just to come up and race and if someone feels strongly against, it’s not going to stop us from participating.


    Old School

    Jeff Schall with Ritalin asked:

    Thanks for all the work you are putting into resolving the long distance race issue.
    If our class has a CAT3 exemption, can we still compete in the LYRA Freeman Cup? In other words, will Olsons be able to use their score in the long distance race to place in the overall results for the Freeman/LYRA (against other fleets with their handicap ratings based on their compliance to CAT3 equipment), or will the exemption prevent us from using our score for anything other than the O30 NAs?


    Old School

    Here is the text they are proposing for the amendment:


    NOR 4.5 (MANDADORY EQUIPMENT) is changed to read as follows:

    NOR 4.5 Olson 30 Class boats racing in the Freeman Cup Race shall be equipped in compliance with the current Olson 30 class Constitution.
    NOR 4.7 is deleted.

    4.5 is the CAT 3 requirement exemption, and 4.7 even eliminates the requirement for heavy weather sails and the cooking appliance.

    So, the answer is yes, we will be full and complete competitors in the Freeman. Ready to kick every other boat’s butt.


    Old School

    It is time to make the call. Thank you to the five people that voted on the survey, and the few emails I have had about the subject.

    3/5 prefer the Freeman. 2/5 prefer a Thurs race
    3/5 don’t really care either way, 1/5 indicate it is a dealbreaker against Freeman, 1/5 indicate it is a dealbreaker for Freeman.

    Based upon these ballots, and given the facts that 1) Race Management has eliminated that Cat3 requirement for us; 2) there really are not many good options for a decent 30 mile course at Oswego; 3) both of the boats that are travelling 400 and 1000 miles respectively have indicated that they would like to do the Freeman; and 4) we will be eligible for more regatta awards, I have made the decision to leave the Freeman Cup as the Long Distance Race for the purposes of the NA Championship.

    If you choose to not compete in the Freeman, that is fine, but you will be saddled with a non-discardable DNC score for the NA trophy calcuations.

    Now, lets get on with the show!


    Old School

    Confirmed boats:
    Old School
    Surfer Girl
    (High Anxiety?) (Danesi)

    There about about seven other interested skippers that have not confirmed yet. Feel free to add your name!


    Derek Lay

    Organized Chaos is out. We had hoped to make it, but our schedule conflicts dictate otherwise.

    Good luck to all and we hope to see you next year!


    Jonathan Nye

    Odds improving that Attractive Nuisance will make it.


    Old School

    Panther is now confirmed. I await other confirmations.


    Old School

    I have heard from both Surfer Girl and Ghost. They are both still in, even with the lower than anticipated confirmed boats. Let’s do our best to show these dedicated travelers a great time!

    For those of you who are interested, but logistically challenged, there is a possible charter boat available, bring your own crew and sails. The owner is currently looking into the legalities. If you want more info, drop me a line.


    Old School

    Confirmed boats thus far:

    Old School
    Surfer Girl
    High Anxiety
    An Attractive Nuisance

    Pending: Investors Group

    Ritalin is still possible, but unlikely. I have not been contacted about the charter boat yet…paging Jonathan…..

    Now for a couple of topics meriting discussion:

    1) We are permitted to declare up to six sails for the event, according to the constitution. Three of the sails may be new, unless the boat was purchased this calendar year. Being as the long distance race is a 70 mile overnighter, I propose that we be permitted to declare one additional mainsail and one additional storm sail, specifically for the Freeman. Many of our mainsails have no reef points, so we could be setting ourselves up for some pain should the wind pipe up during the Freeman. These additional sails would ONLY be for the LD race. A boat could not switch mains during the course racing to suit conditions, except if that main is one of the constitutionally declared six.


    2) One owner has inquired about motor requirements for the event. We do not need to comply with Category 3 requirements due to the NOR ammendment. There is no motor requirement in our constitution, but obviously we should be carrying motors for the LD race. We should then agree on a minimum fuel carried on board for the Freeman. What is a fair amount? Two gallons? Five?

    Please discuss.


    Peter Scott

    1) I’d go along with the allowance for the additional storm sails for the Freeman. From a safety point of view, it makes sense to have an allowance for some storm sails that you might not carry aboard for course racing in case things get nasty.
    2) Defer to local judgement.


    Skip Danesi

    High Anxiety still a maybe. Haven’t found a foredeck person yet and got a maybe on a spin/jib/main trimmer. The Sodus Bay Challenge Cup regatta this past weekend was pretty much what I feared. Oy. At least I was sailing…..


    Jason Adamson

    According to the constitution you are allowed storm sails plus 6 additional sails including a mainsail. Just FYI

    7) MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SAILS ON BOARD: For any sanctioned event a maximum of six sails including the mainsail and exclusive of storm jibs may be carried on board.



    Is anyone looking for crew for NA’s? I sail regular on an Olson 30 that will not be able to compete at NA’s this year. I have done every position on boat, but usually I am on the bow or on the helm. Would love to join the fleet for the event. Please let me know asap, so I can put in for the vacation time.



    Todd Downey

    Given recent disasters on the Great Lakes and here on the West Coast, I am shocked that LYRA has lowerd the safety regulations for the Freeman in any way. I certainly hope that the competitors in the NA’s take VERY seriously the safety of themself and their crew members. I would not sail Blue Star across Lake Erie at night with the same safety gear aboard that I sailed with in the National Championship. All competitors should add on their own accord….An overboard strobe light, an EPIRB, Jack lines and harnesses for all aboard, a 6 man raft, xtra flares and a flare launcher. The sea has taken friends of mine. I will say or do anything not to loose another.
    Todd Downey


    Old School

    @ Allen…both Skip and Jonathan Nye are looking for help. You can PM them

    Old School will be Cat 3 (no raft) compliant for the Freeman.

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