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    Jean Andre

    I got a question regarding the “racing boom” is that a different boom or do we just cut a couple of “windows” in the original boom?


    Jiri Senkyrik


    I spoke to Mr. Ballenger about this when spec’ing my boat for offshore work. The slotted boom comes from a larger extrusion to make up for the loss in material. It is NOT the standard boom with holes. Also, Buzz didn’t say this outright but I got the sense that he felt the only advantage to the slotted boom was the ability to fix things while out at sea, vs taking it all apart.


    Jean Andre

    Hi Jiri,

    Thank you for this info. So maybe it will be more am Aesthetic item then.
    I guess if mine were broken I would consider it but maybe not worth the investment just to trade it.

    I also see a couple of different booms on Olson pics throughout the web. Maybe a “Boom design article on the Boat setup page would be nice.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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