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    Jason Adamson

    What is everyone using? I currently have a 155%, a 110% and am interested in getting another sail to fill the void between the two. Also what are materials of choice? I sail predominately in So Cal so lighter winds, but we do have the occasional 15-20kts come through and I feel the 110% is too small.


    Old School

    Old School runs a 155, 140, 95, 90 (or so). I can highly recommend the Ullman 140. It is a rocket between 10 and 18 knots. Chuck knows how to draw a fast sail.

    Materials…I went through the whole rigamarole a couple of years ago. Spoke with a dozen sailmakers and two material producers. Came down to this…If you can afford it, go with Flex Kevlar at minimum for the #2 or #3. For the #1, the carbon strings come into their own, albeit at a premium. Pentex apparently has too much give for our ultralights.

    For mains, the jury is out on the benefits of carbon or kevlar over racing dacron.


    John Churchill

    I don’t know what I’ve got, came with the boat. I am a greenhorn when it comes to racing. I am used to plain white sails. I am only partially kidding. I know the yellowish sails are kevlar, but am pretty lost with these other laminates. Maybe someone can give me a quick education.
    I have a light main in a woven kevlar and a heavy main with heavy kevlar strands, fine black diagonals and some white threads intermixed. The heavy kevlar has a single reef. Also have a “delivery” dacron main with 2 reefs.
    Three spinnakers, a 1/2 or 3/4 oz corner is marked “poly”, a 1 1/2 oz as well as an asymmetric spinnaker.
    For headsails, I have 5 but don’t know the sizes. One is marked “M1”, I assume medium #1 and has a foot length of 18′, there’s also an “H1” marked as “LP=16.5″. I am a little confused because I thought the #1’s were supposed to be all the same size and are the biggest jib, but there is also another sail with a foot measuring 19′-6″ made of clear sheets with more heavy white strands and black fibers going in multiple directions. I also have a much heavier jib with a foot of 13′-6”. There is one sail that I think is likely worthless, white laminate, fairly light, 16′ foot with a pink panel and a purple panel towards the head. One upper panel is torn almost all the way across.
    John Churchill
    Sanibel FL

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