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    Anyone have any extra spreaders? Or know where to get them? We bent/broke our port spreader a few weeks ago and are having trouble getting a replacement. We have hull #73 with the original single spreader Sparcraft spar. All help is greatly appreciated. Allen


    Bill Vosteen

    Have you called Buzz Ballenger? They built most of the masts on the Olsons.

    Ballenger Spar Systems
    215 Walker Street
    Watsonville , CA. 95076
    Phone: 831-763-1196
    Fax: 831-763-1198


    Lilya Vorobey

    I Have a brand new spreader that I bought from Buzz It is 36.25″ and has two groves.
    I also have a used one (2 groves) that is roughly 33.25 (longest dimension)
    Last, I have a set that are 33.250… all for sale. The new one cost $230…ugh make me an offer on what you need…..



    Lilya, Buzz made new spreaders for my spudcraft. He made an adapter bracket to connect his hollow spreaders to the spudcraft bracket. It’s totally different and I had to ship him my spreader so he could fabricate. Knowing Buzz he kept the design to help others such as yourself. I would consider upgrading to 3″ longer spreaders and moving the uppers to the top of the mast. Makes the boat much faster upwind when you can get the forestay taught.

    Chris Cyrul
    Opus Dei #85



    Sort of related- we were racing last night and a piece of wedge-shaped rubber fell down into the cockpit from above, and it looks like it may fit between the shrouds and the spreader tips. I know I have to replaces my spreader boots, but does anyone know if this rubber piece is what I think it is and where I might find the right sized boots?


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