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    Jean Andre

    Here I go again with my new to Olson questions?

    What are these rails above the bunk?
    What is the red Cone?
    What is this metal “horseshoe” on the forward bulkhead?

    Also, many rivets on my starboard bunk are busted, what is the best way to replace them? How thick is the hull so I don´t drill thru it?

    Cheers all



    Lilya Vorobey

    Rails above the bunk are for ditty bags. I found mesh bags that were 30″ long at West Marine that I sewed a boltrope tape to. Now I have 4 nice mesh bags that slip into the grove and hold all of junk that is normally spilling on to the sole.
    3m Premium filler or West System Eposxy + 406 colloidal silica – fill the holes – redrill – can you take on of the rivets out to see how long it is?
    Your horseshoe, hmmm… should be hanging 180 degrees the otherway- promotes bad luck the way it is hung… Could it be for a port-o-pottie? As for the Red Knob….is that a fine mesh filter on the end? Where is it located?

    Bruce Hubble
    Bruce Hubble

    Red thing almost looks like an upper rudder bearing. Is it 2″ internally? If inverted, it might fit into the top of the rudder tube?

    The horseshoe..probably used to be a tiedown for a baby stay.

    Use short rivets. Glass is probably 3/16″. Core is 1/2 inch.


    Jean Andre

    Hi Lilya,
    THe “horseshoe” I don’t think is for a portapotty as mine is in the regular place.
    The Red cone was laying in the boat box of miscellaneous parts. That is a plastic film I suppose has to be removed… Can this be a rudder bearing?
    I did not touch my rivets before checking with you guys for ideas.
    I like the mesh bag idea a lot.


    Derek Lay

    Jean – Is the red cone a check valve? Is the inner cylinder independent from the outer except at the plastic film? If so, does the outer cylinder allow pressure in the inner cylinder out, without allowing air to flow the other way?


    Jean Andre

    HI Derek,
    It is not a check valve. The plastic film I assume will be removed when this is used wherever that is. I think this may be a rudder bearing as Bruce suggested. Anyone else can confirm this?


    Old School

    It most definitely does not look like either the upper or lower bearings that I replaced. What are its dimensions?

    Bruce Hubble
    Bruce Hubble

    It is not a rudder bearing as is. The upper round part looks like a bearing, but too small. If the inside dimension is 2″, it has possibilities.

    the rest of it almost looks like the end of a rudder shaft. Looks like the rudder head hole for the bolt.

    Strange piece and not stock Olson



    I can almost see the patent number on the top.
    Look it up…


    Kevin Hollis

    It’s a horn; try blowing into the hole on the side…


    Richard Osborn

    The red thing is a horn. It should have a white peice that pushes on the other end. You blow in the hole and the plastic film vibrates. I used to sell the a few years ago.

    The horseshoe thing is a reinforcment chainlplate for the deck tiedown wire.



    Jean Andre

    Thanks everybody for your your inputs. Just came back from the boat.
    Lilya I like your mesh bags idea for the rails above the bunk and I will for sure “borrow” it.
    Thanks Richard, that is indeed a horn. I blew on it inside the boat and my ears rang for the next 10 minutes… This thing is loud! And the “horseshoe” is indeed for a deck tiedown only the deck portion is no longer there.
    Have a great week

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