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    Thanks for the shout back…I do have the sleeve system…and about 12″ sounds about right…I would be interested in seeing an alternative…

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    Excellent! Which one did you get? Where you keeping the boat?

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    Hi Jamottep
    I chimed in on a few of your SSS forum topics..congrats again on getting Double Espresso! What’s the latest on the channel out to the ocean down there in SC? Last I heard…it was completed silted in with all this rain. Are you thinking about relocating the boat to the Bay? Also curious if you scored the complete offshore kit with Double Espresso or is he still selling a few things?

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    Thanks! That would be great! I know of quite a few boats in the area…but it would be great to see more active folks on this site. I know of Dragonsong, Corsair, Think Fast, Nina (Olson 29), etc. Here in the Bay Area…the Moore 24 and Express 27 fleets thrive…What happened to the Olson 30’s?

    O30 SLEEPER HULL #70

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    Fantastic job reviving the site! It looks great! Regarding the SHTP section on the site…I’ve put together as best I could an Olson 30 SHTP race history breakdown with finish times you may find useful for the site. Did I miss any? Listed from earliest to most recent:

    (Year) (Boat Name) (Skipper) (Finish Time) (Hull Number)
    1980 Hanalei Flyer Don Keenan 15days 16hours 17minutes
    1982 Collage Chuck Hawley 16days 15hours 45minutes
    1982 Gold Rush Peter Brown 19days 9hours 44minutes
    1984 Francis Who Frank Dinsmore 16days 00hours 26minutes
    1986 Francis Who Dan Newland 13days 6hours 42minutes
    1988 Intense Bill Stange 11days 15hours 21minutes 145
    1988 Cheers Carl Nelson 12days 22hours 40minutes 048
    1988 Quest Charles Von Schlauch 15days 10hours 29minutes
    1992 White Knuckles Dan Benjamin 16days 6hours 02minutes 227
    1992 Warlock Robert Moore 18days 00hours 33minutes
    2000 Solman Steve Steinberg 15days 00hours 31minutes
    2000 Still Crazy Ron Corbin 18days 12hours 01minutes
    2004 Prankster Frank Ross 14days 15hours 02minutes 079
    2006 Foolish Muse Andy Evans 15days 20hours 24minutes 033
    2008 Polar Bear Eric Thomas 14days 01hours 53minutes 140
    2010 Idefix Adrian Johnson 14days 09hours 34minutes 039
    2012 Idefix Adrian Johnson 13days 12hours 55minutes 039

    I look forward to exploring more of the site! Thanks again!

    Hull #70

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