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    Mark Corbisiero

    Fellow Olsonites,

    I am a former olson 30 owner who just purchased an olson 29. I was wondering if anyone had some starting rig tension numbers for the 29. Double Spreader Ballenger, Fractional rig, swept back spreaders. A far cry from my single spreader Ballenger. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You ahead of time. A Happy New Year to all of you.
    Mark Corbisiero


    Jonathan Pollak

    I don’t have any idea. Though I imagine Clarke McKinney down in Solomons Maryland would be a good place to start. He is the local quantum sail maker. Is essentially a semi-pro and destroys the Chesapeake PHRF fleet with his O-29 Riddler. It doesn’t help that it has the same 108 rating as our O-30’s do. Our PHRF committee showing their infinite wisdom… http://www.quantumsails.com/lofts/loft_detail.aspx?loft=12

    I have never met Clarke so no idea how useful this is…



    hi there. kiaora is an olson 29 that we bought a couple of years ago and we sail her in valparaiso in chile. last year we were de-masted when the chainplate fractured while sailing. the plate seemed fine when we inspected it above and below deck, but as you can see in the image, in the thickness of the deck it had corroded completely. i suppose we should have been more rigorous in our inspection, but it wasnt an easy one to detect. The small stainless steel cover plate may have played a role in generating the corrosion. the chainplate seems to be an aluminium alloy. we replaced them both with stainless steel plate. we have all three shrouds on separate fixings to the chainplate. interestingly enough i phoned ballenger spar systems and they told me that they had two 3m sections of original mast profile in their shed and i got them sent down to valparaiso. so we have now reconstructed the rig and it is performing well. the curious thing is how the chainplates are simply bolted onto the plywood down below decks. that is confident!!. we are a team of enthusiasts and would be happy to share detailed information with other olson 29 sailors…is this the best place to do that>? should we make a new discussion topic called olson 29? anyone interested>? ciao pol

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    This happened to me on Hull #11 and is/was a common occurrence for Olson 25’s. Fortunately, I pulled my plates to check them when I brought the boat to the SF bay. I would recommend that all 29’s and 25’s check them if they still have the aluminum plates. On the recommendation of Scott Easom, I have also moved the mast base about 2 inches forward giving the rig a bit more rake, seems to have helped a bit with pointing ability. I too would be interested in the rig tensions that other folks are using. Right now my rig is tuned for all around use and is tight and but has small amounts of slack to the leeward in 15 knots, I go by feel but I should get a gage. I could see changing the tune for summer vs winter sailing, but not being a big racer, tuning before every sail is unlikely.

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