ORR Certificate


Here is an ORR certificate submitted by Bruce Hubble of Spar Wars fame.  Spar Wars does have an inboard motor.  Described below are the prescribed conditions for the weighing process:

1. All sails removed from boat.

2. Ballast, anchors, chain and batteries fixed and sealed to hull structure in clearly marked stowage.

3. Heads, bowls, sinks, etc. are dry.

4. Bilges and other possible areas where water may collect are dry.

5. Tankage and voids condition checked.

6. Navigational and cooking equipment stowed in normal position.

7. No clothing, bedding, food or stores on board.

8. Mattresses, cushions, and pillows stored in normal position (dry).

9. No portable equipment in front of mast (if there is move to sole behind mast).

10. Safety equipment stowed in normal position but not forward of the mast.

11. All stowages opened and checked.

12. No life raft or dinghy on board.

13. Centerboards raised unless to be locked down whilst racing.

14. Tankage and voids condition checked.

15. Sheets, guys, etc. on cabin sole abaft the mast.

Adding these to the 3600 advertised may clear up the 4321 on my rating as an inboard.  I figure my engine and equipment is 250lbs.  Add two batteries (required in offshore)100 lbs; safety equipment of 30 lbs; sheets, guys..20 lbs.  Two anchors…75 lbs.  Let’s see…3600 plus 475 is 4075.
Maybe I underestimate!

Going backwards:  4321 minus 475 is 3846.  That is close to the higher weight someone mentioned.  So there is 250 of leeway somewhere.