Lots of Used Sails for Sale



Location: Stamford Connecticut

Got a lot of inquiries about sails for sale in addition to the jib top. Have two boats (don’t ask) and had thought I’d keep most of the sails to help sweeten the deal when it comes time to sell the second boat. But if there’s interest, I’ll consider offers.

The sails marked with an asterisk are my most recent purchases and I’m confident, they’re in good shape. The 2018 sails only have three years on them since the boats have not been sailed since 2020.

The 2014 symmetrical kites are still very new since in 2018, I converted to asymmetrical kites off the standard pole.

The 2018 asymms for off the standard pole are very fresh since I converted to asymmetrical kites off a sprit in 2020.

If there’s interest in the older, non-asterisked sails at these prices, I’ll take them to my local sailmaker to get an assessment. If the sails need work, I’ll factor that in and reduce the price. Or if he tells there are obvious signs of wear or neglect.

All pricing is ex-shipping.

2018 Quantum* $2,500
2012 Quantum 1,500
Ullman 1,000
North 1,000
Vermont Sailing Partners 1,000

2018 Quantum light #1* $2,500
2018 Quantum heavy #1* 2,500
2012 Quantum light #1 1,500
2012 Quantum heavy #1 1,500
Vermont Sailing Partners AP #1 1,500
2004 North #1 0
2002 North light #1 0
1998 AP #1 0
UK #1 1,000

2018 Quantum* 2,500

2018 Quantum* 2,000
2012 Quantum 1,000
Vermont Sailing Partners 1,000

Jib Top
2018 Quantum* 3,000

Symmetrical Spinnakers
Vermont Sailing Partners $1,500
2014 Quantum S1* 2,500
2014 Quantum S2* 2,500
2014 Quantum S4* 2,500
North S2 1,500

Asymmetrical Spinnakers
2018 Quantum A1 (off standard pole)* $3,000
2018 Quantum A2 (off standard pole)* 3,000
North A3 (off standard pole and undersized)* 1,500

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