Mar 162023

Seems Facebook is playing a larger role in online communities all the time, and especially as Facebook moved into promotion of Groups, use of the Olson 30 Forums has declined.

The Olson 30 Class has a Facebook page, please visit, like and follow us!

You can find a lot of the content and commentary that formerly was happening on our own Forums, now on the Olson 30 Sailboat Group on Facebook. Are we happy about this? Honestly, no. We believe the Forums are the best place to talk about anything related to your Olson 30, for many reasons such as:

  • Topics: discussion is divided into topics such as General, Technical, Projects etc.
  • Searchable: Facebook groups are not easy to search
  • Historical Info: Olson 30 Forums have about 15 years of discussion
  • Class Maintenance: Using the O30 Forums keeps the class more vital

As the saying goes, and this pertains mostly to our own Forums: Use it or Lose it!