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Olson 30 Class Membership Application & Renewal

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ACTIVE MEMBER - An Active member is a registered owner or part-owner of an Olson 30 sloop. Such a member may skipper in any sanctioned event. Members of any Fleet or District shall be Active members of the Olson 30 Class Association.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - Associate members are non-owners or co-owners of an Olson 30 sloop who have demonstrated interest in promoting the development of the Olson 30 sloop. A co-owner Associate member may skipper in any sanctioned event in the absence of the Active member co-owner. A non-owner Associate member is eligible to helm in any Class sanctioned event, but shall not vote nor hold office in this Association.

CO-OWNERS - In the event an Olson 30 is owned in good faith by more than one person, the owners shall determine which is the principal owner, and he shall pay dues of an Active member. The remaining co-owners shall pay dues of an Associate member.

FAMILY - Immediate members of a family (husband, wife, children) who intend to skipper an Olson 30 in sanctioned events shall be registered as co-owners, but are not required to pay dues; either spouse may register as the principal owner and pay the dues of an Active member. In matters settled by voting the family must caucus and vote as one member.

DUE DATES - All dues are payable on or before January 1, except for new owners of record having purchased an Olson 30 after January 1. In that event, the new owner has 90 days to join the Class without late fees. Dues not paid by January 31 may be assessed a $5.00 late fee.

Only Active members are eligible to enter Class sanctioned events and shall have been Active members not less than 30 days prior to the event. Only Class members may helm in Class sanctioned events.

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