Buying Guides and Reviews


Original Olson 30 Brochure

Original Brochure Page

This is a page from an original Pacific Boats sales brochure.

Buying Guide from 1987 – Practical Sailor

This review above is dated but very comprehensive. From the now out of print ‘Complete Book of Sailboat Buying, Volume II, June, 1987’


Used Boat Notebook: From the Pages of Sailing Magazine


Robert Perry Review – November 1978 – Sailing Magazine

It’s of particular interest to read the Robert Perry review from 1978 and then read his revisited review from 32 years later. His disparagement in the 1978 review is completely withdrawn and replaced with almost unreserved enthusiastic praise for the Olson 30’s design, performance and longevity.


Robert Perry Review Revisited – September 2011 – Sailing Magazine


Boats We Love – Boats/com


Olson 30: Ahead of its Time – Sailing World August 2007