Gear Manufacturers and Suppliers


There are dozens of suppliers for sailboat products and hardware, these suppliers below are either original equipment suppliers or are operated by folks with direct experience with the Olson 30.

Ballenger Spars – Masts, booms, spreaders, rudder bearings, etc. Ballenger built most of the original spars for the Olson 30 and can supply replacement parts for the standing rigging. A little-known fact is that Ballenger actually built the last half-dozen Olson 30 sailboats after Pacific Boats went out of business.

Ballenger Outboardmount_mvc-006l

Slick outboard mount by Ballenger Spars.


Holt Marine Systems – Custom electrical panels, rudder heads, and more.


Holt Marine Systems Olson 30 Rudder Head


Marine Outfitters – Stanchions, jockstraps, rudder post bearings, chainplates, general chandlery. Contact David Wilby (owner, former Olson 30 racer) with specific questions.


Competition Composites Inc. / Fast Foils – Replacement original and elliptical rudders. In the past have made a nice carbon BOD, but BOD is out of production, may be able to make carbon BOD upon request.

The Foss Company – Manufacturers of sailboat rudders. Have created a non Class legal modern rudder for the Olson 30.

Screen shot 2016-02-17 at 12.20.20 AM

Track for Quarter Berths – Berth track can fail and new track is available, made by TACO Marine.


TACO Marine track at West Marine



Quantum Sails SoCal – Contact Todd Downey, multiple-time Olson 30 National Champion (Blue Star) for fast sails built by Olson racers.

Ullman Sails Newport Beach – Contact Keith Magnussen, Olson 30 enthusiast and crew.

Moore Sailboats – Makers of the legendary Moore 24 – Class legal Elliptical Rudders – Contact Martha Lewis (Link is a Facebook page, Moore does not have a website). Telephone 831-763-0196.

Bosworth Pumps – The original bilge pump in the Olson 30 is a Bosworth Guzzler, which is still manufactured by the Bosworth company. The Bosworth model is the Guzzler® GH-0500D. Available from Bosworth or from marine vendors.