May 302024

The George Olson Trophy was commissioned by the Lake Ontario Olson 30 Fleet to be awarded to the North American Champion boat. The so-called NAC’s regatta is held in co-operation between the Northeast and Great Lakes Regions, and is open to any Olson 30 Class member boats. Each year the Regions choose a venue and dates. Some North American Championships have been run as one-design classes within an existing regatta, for example LYRA. Some years the North Americans are run as a stand alone regatta, for example the 2014 Nationals. The last year for NAC’s on Lake Ontario was 2017, so a few years of layoff since, but 2024 NAC’s are back, in Duluth.

“The George” has made its way from Kingston, ON, to Toronto, and will be dispatched to Duluth for the event.

See you on the line!

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