Aug 052015

Dana Point Yacht Club has extended and invitation to the Olson 30 class for some OD racing Sept 12-13.  The event benefits our local youth sailing foundation and is a great venue.  In the water storage available, free.  2 Ton hoist for launching and dry yard for trailer storage, free.  Party both nights, raffle, dinner and drinks Saturday night with trophies Sunday.  Please see link below for entry information.  So far we have 4 local Olson’s attending with 2 more perspective’s.  Come out and support a good cause while having fun on the water.

RHD Charity Regatta

Jun 032015

Dear Olson 30 Fleet,

The 2016 Pacific Cup planning activities are well under way, and we’re pleased that 38 boats have already entered. We would like to invite the Olson 30s to participate in the adventure of a lifetime – the FUN race to Hawaii. Double-handed or fully-crewed it’s one of the most exciting and fulfilling sailing adventures possible from the California coast. Olson 30s have sailed in both configurations in the Pacific Cup in the past and done well. One-design racing adds an additional element of competition, and we have special trophies for our one-design classes in addition to the division trophies and regardless of the division (e.g. double-handed and crewed boats both count for the one-design rankings). Three of more boats of the same class will be considered a one-design class.


What sets the Pacific Cup apart from other west coast to Hawaii races?

  • Support for pre-race preparation. From our Pacific Offshore Academy seminars, where racers benefit from the knowledge of Pac Cup veterans and industry experts, to additional pre-race seminars and parties, as well as our personal inspection program, our goal is to provide a foundation for a safe and FUN race to Hawaii. The first of our Pacific Cup Offshore Academy seminars is coming up on June 13th and Richmond Yacht Club (RYC) on San Francisco Bay.
  • Pacific Cup Village at RYC. Through a central support hub we make it very easy for out-of-town boats to arrive, rig, and complete their preparations. The village also facilitates camaraderie among the competitors prior to the race – which makes for more fun during and after the race. RYC has several members that have sailed, and who currently sail Olson 30s.
  • Aloha at Kaneohe Yacht Club. From the welcome Mai Tais to the fantastic parties, KYC welcomes racers and their family and friends with the best in Hawaiian hospitality.
  • Post-race logistical support. Through our partners, we help facilitate return plans, and for 2016, the Kaneohe Yacht Club has up-sized their hoist to 4,500 lbs., and we are presently in negotiations to significantly lower the cost of shipping boats home.


As a two-time Pacific Cup racer, one as a double hander and the other fully crewed, I can attest to the exhilaration of crossing the blue Pacific Ocean, enjoying the warm trade winds and surfing the following seas with spinnaker runs that last for days. In the race I did double handed, we were pressed very hard by a double handed Olson 30. In talking with them afterward and hearing the descriptions of their days of surfing/planing down big Pacific swells under the ¾ ounce, and particularly since I owned an Olson 30 at that time, I began to wonder why we hadn’t taken my boat instead of my skipper’s. For anyone who loves sailing an Olson 30, particularly with the spinnaker up, the Pacific Cup is a true “bucket list” event.


Race details can be found in the Notice of Race, posted on the Pacific Cup web site,, and it’s easy to register for the race online. The web site also has a tremendous amount of excellent information on how to prepare for and do well in the race.


I am happy to answer any questions that might be standing in the way of a decision to sail to Hawaii, and if I can’t answer them myself, I can point you to someone who can.


We who are working to organize the 2016 version of this great race hope you will decide to join our racers and enjoy the incredible experience of racing a fast, light boat to the beautiful shores of Hawaii.




Tim Knowles

Former owner of Dragonsong, Hull #200, and two-time Pacific Cup racer

(editor’s note – anyone who needs Tim’s email or phone # please email

Mar 182015

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Attention Northeast and Great Lakes Fleets:


Your Olson 30 Fleet Captains have been busy at work, along with the excellent Regatta management of LYRA and Sodus Bay Yacht Club, honing the Sailing Instructions for the 2015 Olson 30 North American Championships. The crew from SBYC have been super attentive and want to make this event special for our Class.

Registration will be opening soon and will be announced here as soon as it’s live. Register early if possible.

We will be making teeshirts for the regatta, stay tuned for details. If we can get teeshirt orders incorporated into the registration we will do so, otherwise we will handle that on our own.

If you haven’t done so – check out the new Olson 30 Class Association facebook page for news and points of interest to Olson 30 Class members and enthusiasts.



Jan 202015

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We are happy to announce that our 2015 Olson 30 North American Championships will be held at Sodus Bay Yacht Club at LYRA 2015. LYRA stands for the Lake Yacht Racing Association and this regatta has a long and vibrant history on Lake Ontario. We are delighted to have our event under the LYRA umbrella.

Sodus Bay Yacht Club has it’s own storied history and the location itself is beautiful. All members are encouraged to visit the SBYC website to learn more. There are some links to accommodations on the LYRA page. The vicinity of the SBYC is a picturesque village on the shore of Lake Ontario and there are lots of good options for places to stay. It’s a big event so plan your accommodations well in advance.

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be posted here as well as on the official LYRA website. Olson 30 class members will be required to register for LYRA through the portal. Note that this is not live at this time.

We will be racing with the R-class yachts and the 8 metres, so bring your cameras for some spectacular views on the water. The R-boats are beautiful and performance-wise are a suitable match for our Olson 30’s.

The course events are July 31-August 2 and our distance race will likely be Thursday July 30. We are exploring all options for the distance race component of our Championship. There are distance race components to the LYRA regatta but they are all quite long distances. More details TBA.

Nov 252014


Eligible Class Association members should have received an email with voting link. If you believe you are eligible but did not receive your voting link, please use the Contact Form (choose Membership) and let us know.


Voting is OPEN NOW for the 2015 Olson 30 North American Championships!


Date and Location for the 2015 North American Championships Voting is now open. Olson 30 class members from Great Lakes and Northeast Fleets should have received their notification email to cast their vote.

Join the discussion here:
2015 NA’s Site Selection

FYI – North American Championships are held yearly in a location east of the continental divide. Past events have been held on Lake Ontario, and in Barrie, ON.


Jun 052014


2014 Olson 30 North Americans – report by Jonathan Nye

What a great time. Six O30s came to Loyalist Cove, Bath Ontario in September to compete for the 2014 North American Championship. This was a regatta that featured everything one could want from a regatta – varied conditions, an epic distance race, solid race committee work, wonderful hospitality, very reasonable costs and a nice low key/low stress vibe. The only thing that could possibly have improved the event would have been the presence of a few more boats.

Since sailing with Scot Mundle in 2012 at Oswego, I’d been looking forward to lining Attractive Nuisance up against other O30s. At home, most of our racing is beer-can style (non-spinnakered) where we have fun giving the Farr 40s, Melges 32s and Mumm 30s among others a hard time (yes, we’re all in the same division!). So racing against other Olsons was going to be a treat. Sailing with me was a nice mix of young and old. Kyle Assad (Annapolis), my future son-in-law and Billy Hines (Boston) a former college sailing teammate of my daughter’s ran the front of the boat, Jaap Kalverkamp (Greenwich) organized the mast while Roger Pierce (Greenwich) and Johan Koppernaes (Ottawa) of J22 and Snark fame managed the cockpit with Roger also navigating the distance race and Johan additionally responsible for calling the shots.

Race Details

Day One (Friday): The forecast for Friday was for light and shifty northerlies. Sandwiched as we were between the shore and Amherst Island, this created conditions very similar to the ones we get on the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound in a light northerly – lots of shifts and pressure bands.

Race One was looking like it was going to start in a big right shift with the boat well favored. On AN we thought we’d set ourselves up for such a start but once it became clear the entire fleet had the same idea, the call was made to slide down the line and just try and get away cleanly. With about 30 seconds, the wind went hard left and we were rewarded with a nice leeward-most start with clear air and going fast. Fortunately, instead of trying to take advantage of our situation by tacking, Johan called for patience and had us to carry on (the first of many great calls). Given the conditions, and the ability to sail our own race, this became a classic rich-get-richer scenario and AN was fortunate to win the inaugural race of the ’14 NAs. Second was Tom Bolland and his team aboard Smoke’Em; third was multiple NA winner Bruce Rand and O’ Naturel.

Race Two was a case of forgetting the lesson we’d learned in race one. Again it appeared the boat was heavily favored and this time, we decided to try and exploit that. Unfortunately we got tangled up with a couple of boats and never quite got untangled. Every move from that point seemed out of desperation and only ended up putting us further in a hole. In the end, we finished fifth, with Ben Rotteveed (Investors Group) winning, Bruce Rand showing good consistency in second and Terry Webster (Ritalin) in third.

Race Three… Don’t recall the start but midway up the first beat, we thought we were in control with our closest competition, Ritalin and O’ Naturel abeam to leeward. With a large heading puff (30 degrees?) rolling down the course, we looked to be the first boat to tack onto starboard to take advantage of the new direction. What we didn’t count on was the shift not lasting much more than a nanosecond. The result was we never quite made it onto starboard and were left floundering while Terry and Bruce extended to the left. From there not much changed with Terry wining and Bruce scoring another second.

Race Four is a blur but on AN we regained our race one form winning with Smoke’Em again second and Bruce in third.

So after the first day of racing, Attractive Nuisance (1-5-3-1) and O’Naturel (3-2-2-3) where tied with 10 points, with Ritalin (5-3-1-6) in third with 15.

Day Two (The Distance Race): A whole chapter could be written about the distance race. Late Friday, the decision was made to sail our distance race and part of the Amherst Island Charity Pursuit Race. The forecast I was using called for lots of rain, cool temps, but no more than about 18 knots. Winds were expected to veer for south to northwest over the course of the race. The locals weren’t so sure calling for more wind and tellingly, lots of confused seas on the south side of the island. The course was to be counter-clockwise around the island with a bare minimum of marks.

The start was a port tack beam reach to the northwest corner of Amherst Island. On AN, we decided the breeze was too far forward and too strong to carry so we went with the H1. Everyone else went with #3s except one boat (Smoke’Em?) that decided to set off the line. Victrix and O’ Naturel took the high road to gain angle for a later set (which they did). This almost worked but when the boats came back together, AN was overlapped just to leeward and bow forward. A “modest” course adjustment to the left made carrying spinnakers a bit uncomfortable for the two boats to windward and AN was able to edge forward where she led up to the turn.

The beat to the southwest corner of the island proved very interesting. By all rights, we should have been struggling more than we were. Breeze was 15-16 knots and we still had on our H1. The combination of some nice traveler/mainsheet work and feathering as needed seemed to keep us going through the chop with plenty of power. Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet was bow down and moving very quickly with their #3s but actually making less VMG. Then came the perfect layline call from Roger.  We cleared the southwest corner with just enough room to spare while the competition went a bit further offshore resulting in a nice gain.

The leg along the south shore of Amherst Island was now a broad reach with the wind veering southwest. The breeze was close to 25 knots with a sea state that was indeed confused something I underappreciated at the time. The decision was made to set as did Victrix. We don’t have instrumentation on our boat so I can’t tell you what speed were making but it was impressive while it lasted. All during this time the wind was continuing to veer. Ultimately, the combination of a lifting puff and a wave picking up our transom put us on the other gybe, with the pole dug deep in the water. Meanwhile, Dave was doing a terrific job keeping it together as they went flying past while we got sorted. With the channel along the east side of the island (and the few actual marks of the course in the whole race coming into play) fast approaching, we focused on navigating and getting ready for the six mile slog upwind.

Victrix and Attractive Nuisance reached the northeast corner of the island with Victrix leading by ten boat lengths or so. Both were carrying full mains and #3s in what was now a 25 knot northwesterly. Eventually, AN used her weight advantage to grind down the Victrix team and take the lead. With AN in control of the rest of the O30 fleet, the question arose, could we maintain our lead and win the pursuit race. A heavily modified Olson 40 was coming hard but in the end, AN held on to record the overall win.

Sunday’s forecast for the final day of racing was dismal – sun with a mix of clouds but not enough heat to create a thermal and very slack gradient conditions. An early start time was announced in the vain hope that we’d get off a race in the fading morning northerly. Was not to be. The fleet sat and with a 2pm drop-dead time, racing was looking unlikely. Then around 1:30, our PRO must have said, what the hell, they’re here to race. In 2 to 5 knots, Race Six was started. Heavy pin end bias which Smoke’Em won with AN next and O’ Naturel crossing on port behind. An unfortunate luffing match ensued between Smoke’Em and Attractive Nuisance allowing Bruce to leg out to the right. For there, lots of lead changes, lots of movement up and down the fleet as the breeze would glass over only to come in from a different direction at maybe 4 knots favoring half the fleet to the disadvantage of the other.  On AN, we were extremely grateful to finish that race second with Bruce taking his first bullet of the regatta.

At the end of three days, we’d sailed six races with Attractive Nuisance taking the George Olson Memorial Trophy (1-[5]-3-1-1-2 for 8 points) with O’ Naturel showing good consistency in second (2-3-2-3-[5]-1 for 11 points) and Ritalin in third (5-3-1-[6]-4-3 for 16 points). In all, four different boats won races in what was only a six race series.

Great pics from Geoff Webster

Again… Terrific fun. With a site now set for the 2015 edition, we hope to be there and hope to see many of our fellow ’14 competitors as well as several additional boats.


Full Results Here

Mar 092014

The 2014 North American Championship venue is Bath, Ontario.

Considering the results of the poll held from March 1st to March 7th, the 2014 North American Championship will be hosted by Loyalist Cove Marina on September 12-13-14. Please mark theses dates on your calendar.

More detailed information will be published during the following weeks, including Notice of Race.

Jan 152014

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This years National Championships are scheduled for May 23-25 in Oxnard, CA. Here is some additional information from the race organizer:

“Attention all Olson 30 owners and crew. Save the date of May 23-25 for the 2014 Olson 30 Nationals held In Channel Islands Harbor. Notice of Race will be published soon. SAVE THE DATE. We want to see at least 15 boats this year. You know you can do it. It is time to dust off the old toilet seat and get her on the water again. There will be prizes from sponsors. Gifts for the crews. Professional Race Committee!!! Free Taco bar and free BEER on Friday night. The Fleet is going all in this one so don’t miss it. “

Also don’t forget to join the class again this year.  Remember your funds allow us to organize OD regattas, provide swag and promote the class.  So JOIN TODAY!

For more information please contact Todd at

Click here to download the 2014 Olson 30 National Championship NOR

Click Here to Download the Race Entry Form

Click Here to Download the Sailing Instructions

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