Aug 032017

2017 Olson 30 NA summary respectfully submitted to the Olson 30 fleet:

The Kingston winds and Race Management did not disappoint in another successful Olson 30 North American Championship. Hosted by CORK at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, the 2017 NAs came and went with both thrills and spills.

Day 1 saw classic Kingston prevailing strong SW breeze and chop which unfortunately proved too much for Smoke’Em’s mast and an O’Naturel crew’s shoulder (both broken! we wish both spar and body a speedy recovery); four races course were completed ending with tight standings. Day 2 APed one hour while the breeze filled-in to light conditions; the LD was completed with O’Nat leading the procession followed by Investors Group and Boom (with guest helmsman, and notoriously good past Olson owner, Scott Mundle). Day 3 opened with extremely tight standings – it was anyone’s trophy for the taking – strong breeze but from the unconventional NE saw O’Nat and Ritalin trading 1s and 2s. Once the dust settled, the George Olson Memorial Trophy was awarded to Ritalin from the Kingston Yacht Club.


Mike Hull / RITALIN