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    Posted on behalf of Mike Hull and the Eastern Olson 30 Fleets:

    A warm hello to the Eastern Olson 30 Fleet,

    Jonathan has rescinded hosting NAs at LIS, so I’m proposing the following event (different dates than last email):

    Olson 30 North Americans hosted by CORK (in congruity with Etchell 22 Canadians)

    Thursday July 21 – early arrival and launch
    Friday July 22 – late arrival, registration, skipper’s meeting, course racing (target 4 races), social event
    Saturday July 23 – long distance race, social event
    Sunday July 24 – course racing (target 3 races), awards, departure

    – Olsons will dock at either Kingston Yacht Club (KYC) or Portsmouth Olympic Harbour (POH)
    – social events to piggy-pack on Etchells or stand-alone at KYC
    – crane will be onsite at POH to launch/haul Olsons and Etchells

    Event planning now underway, please chime in for more details and to offer input on event details and planning.

    We are planning a Class meeting to discuss Class business including venue for next year’s NAC’s and election of Fleet Captains, and any other Class business that members wish to put on the agenda. Members who cannot mke the NAC’s are invited to attend the Class meeting by alternate means – Skype, phone, Zoom meeting etc.




    The two Hudson River, NY boats won’t be able to attend. I’ll be out of the country, and the other doesn’t have a trailor, nor would I expect them to make that trip in their first year of ownership. (writing this to follow up from the other thread) perhaps next year. I may try to run an Olson event in the fall somewhere in the WLIS/Jersey area depending on interest and schedules. If anyone would be interested in that, please reach out to me at kcoyne11@gmail.com

    Good luck to my northern neighbors.





    We are planning a Class meeting at the NAC’s this year to discuss plans for next year, among other things. It would be a good idea for you to follow this thread and perhaps you could attend the meeting by phone or skype.


    Old School

    Anyone looking for crew? I and a couple of my old crew could probably be available.



    Awesome Old School! If BOOM needs crew (we might) we will have you for sure, it would be a pleasure.


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