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    We run our spinnaker guy inside the rails with the block near aft end of cockpit and a twing near the shrouds. When reaching, the guy runs over the deck next to the cabin where the crew usually sits. The crew doesn’t know where to sit although the hiking weight is need on a reach in higher winds.They don’t fit between the guy and the rail, and are afraid to sit on the guy in case the twing breaks and they get catapulted, plus the guy is also trimmed. There have been races with the crew sitting on the cabin top or kneeling between the cabin and the guy although the weight is needed further out. How do others deal with this?

    Cheers Hendrik



    Not much else you can do I don’t think. Make sure your twing setup is strong enough not to break!


    Jason Adamson

    We run our sheets outside the life lines and typically don’t use twings unless it is very windy. Crew sits on the rail with the guy either at their chest or higher depending how far back they are. Reason we run outside is when sailing DDW the sheets/guys are naturally outside with the pole back, and reaching the stanchions keep the lines outside w/o issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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