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    Olson 30 Enthusiasts,

    We are in the process of reorganizing the Discussion Forums. This is a work in progress but for the time being what’s happening are the following:

    We’ve changed some of the navigation and login areas so they are easier to use.

    The main catch-all Forum “General Discussions” is having it’s topics divided and distributed into six sub-forums so the topics are easier to locate. Slowly the topics will move into the sub-forums as we have time to make these changes.

    The Forum “Owners” is now gone and will be replaced in future by a password-protected Forum that will be used only for active members of the Olson 30 Class Association.

    At the moment users avatars are mostly missing, but we should be able to get them back.

    Other random notes: some Forums contain more topics than the main Forum directory shows. This should be corrected eventually, but in the mean time feel free to open up the various Forum sections and see the changes.

    If users have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them here.



    I would like to add, whoever is working on this. You can’t edit posts and still cant add an avatar photo. Thanks.



    Forum Tester


    Thanks for pointing that out. The avatar issue should be fixed. The ‘edit post’ is still not working but we’ll try to correct that. Users should be able edit posts but for some reason they are not able to at the moment.

    It appears that editing is now enabled. If you see this Graffiti, please test and report success or not.

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    Both functions now appear to be working. Nice job.


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