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    Olson 30 NA 2021:

    Can we get some gauge on enthusiasm for an Olson 30 North Americans, to be held in Youngstown, New York, end of July 2021.

    YYC runs the CanAm Regatta, second last weekend of July, and LYRA happens also at YYC the last weekend of July. LYRA coincides with the August long weekend in Ontario. I believe we could partner with either event, or both.

    I will made a topic for this on the Olson30 Fans Facebook as well.

    We attempted this in 2019, had lots of early interest then 4 boats bailed very close to the event which put the kibosh on One Design racing (we ended up with 3 boats).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not yet a planned event. It can easily be, if there is interest.

    2021 LYRA Annual Regatta

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    So far we have:

    Concerns about COVID and will we be able to cross borders and/or gather. These are natural and important concerns to have but I think if we want to consider an event we have to plan now and react as conditions dictate.

    Lake Erie and Windsor/Detroit area boats have an event July 31 weekend so the prefer the July 24-25 weekend, which is CanAm. FYI I have spoken to CanAm organizers and they will accommodate an Olson fleet. The CanAm weekend mandates running our Long Distance race outside of the dates of the CanAm event, CanAm will do this. It could be either on the Monday following or the Friday before.

    People are suggesting Class Rule changes or relaxation to permit modified boats.

    Olson 30 Class Constitution

    My suggestions on Rules: Someone draft some suggested rule changes. I nominate Jono Nye. Once we have a rule change draft we can vote on it via email. We might do it as a temporary change for the 2021 North Americans rather than changing the Class Constitution permanently. However permanent Rule changes should not be ruled out either. The issue with any rule changes is following protocols, quorum rules etc. This may be impossible. And the reality is that the Olson 30 Class has been more or less moribund for about 2 years – no meetings or elections etc. This means we have difficulty with procedures but it also means we can more or less make whatever changes we wish to make.

    Comments please.



    So far we have tentatively committed Boom (Oakville) and Investor’s Group (Collins Bay) for the CanAm event July 24-25 (we’ll need one more day, either the Monday after or the Thursday or Friday before)

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