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    David Rostant

    Hi all.

    Interested in getting an Olson 30, but have to ship it half way around the world. Having shipped two Farr 30s over the years I recognise that the standard way has become prohibitive. particularly when the boat is only worth 10Gs. So the question is:

    Has anyone ever heard of these boats being dismantled and fit into a 40ft container for shipping?

    Looking at the basic maths of it, not sure it can be done, but maybe someone can help me out with some ideas. For info cost of shipping a 40ft container from the states to me is aprox $4000, vs. aprox $15000-$20000 on a flat rack.



    Jim Saylor


    Where is the container going to or coming from? We have looked at shipping an Olson to Hawaii and have found the shipping to be way too much. Keep me posted as to what you find out.
    Aloha, Jim


    David Rostant

    Hi Jim. Probably leaving West coast USA to Dubai. Have asked for quotes shipping and it’s own trailer, so will let you know what comes back. By the way, does anyone know the total length of the mast?



    Jason Adamson

    I believe the length of the mast itself is somewhere close to 36 feet.


    Bruce Hubble

    I measurement is 36.5, so the mast is near 41 feet.



    Did you ever manage to ship that Olson 30 to Dubai? If so, how did you do it? Does it fit in the 40ft container?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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